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Michael AW and his associates, Leandro Blanco and Stuart Ireland have produced feature and short documentaries for corporates, cable and main stream broadcast stations such as the National Geographic and Discovery Channels. Though they are independent producers but frequently team up to work on several occasions.  Another important team member is Eric Bettens, composer extraordinaire, engaged to provide original music scores for Michael’s productions. All team members are frequent awards winner at film festivals around the world.

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Dolphin Island
Produced by Michael AW Edited by Stuart Ireland

Dolphin Island Orientation Singapore from Awtimate with Michael AW on Vimeo.

Voices We Never Hear
Leandro Blanco

Undarawater – Underwater Ballet
Stuart Ireland

September in the Maldives
Michael AW

Nobody Love You
Leandro Blanco

Great Barrier Reef Submarines
Stuart Ireland

Published Work

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Latest News

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