ELYSIUM Shackleton Antarctic Visual Epic

The 100th Year Tribute to Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance  Antarctic (1914) Expedition

Captured by some of the world’s most celebrated wildlife photographers, the book comprises the best curated from over finest 20,000 images. Only 1914 copies of this limited edition will be released in 2014 as a tribute to Shackleton’s Endurance  Antarctic (1914) Expedition This fine art production is printed using the state-of-the-art techniques by Colourscan Singapore, reputed to produce books of superlative quality.

Michael AW

Principal Photographers
Michael AW: Ernie Brooks: David Doubilet
Jennifer Hayes : Andreas Jascek : Amos Nauchoum : Jenny Ross


Supporting Photographers
Emory Kristof, Steve Jones, Davide Vezzaro, Edward Dixon, Scott Portelli, Jorgen Rasmussen,
Carl Brandes, Eric Bettens, Emily Chan,  Stephen Henshall, Alhay Avila, Bartosz Strozynski, Henry Yip,
Elizabeth Quat, Wendy McIlroy, Gwen Noda, Chris Chan, Stephen Henshall


Part of Elysium Epic sale contributes to Ocean Geographic Ocean Change Photographic Index (GOCPI) ‐ this index focuses on speciation, habitat and climate change images for education and research assessment.


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